Self-Driving Technology Safety Features Will Keep You Safe

When it comes to self-driving technology, people have voiced their opinions time and time again regarding the safety aspect. However, even though autonomous vehicle manufacturers have shown that driverless cars are quite safe, with more and more developments being planned in the near future, consumers are still pretty wary.

It’s also important to note that this apprehension to new autonomous vehicle developments is not only linked to safety concerns, as it is also tied in with the fact that some people are not too fond of giving up the control they have when driving. While that is understandable, it’s also important to note that today’s society is significantly busier and faces more time constraints than before. So it’s vital to understand why so many people would be glad to have driving automatized with self-driving technology.

For those of you who still have safety concerns about the new autonomous vehicles, this article will be right up your alley. These are the most well-known and important safety developments autonomous vehicles will have to offer:

1. Intelligent Drive features are common with self-driving technology

This term is pretty well-known, as it has been heavily marketed by Mercedes Benz. According to the manufacturers, quite a lot of vehicles can be upgraded with Intelligent Drive. Also, consumers have the option to opt for an extra package, namely Driver Assistance.

Now, many people already know that autonomous vehicles are somewhat able to perform basic parking. However, these features go beyond that. Not only do they provide automated parking with the active steering option but they also offer quality brake control when it comes to parallel and end-on parking.

2. Autonomous braking will save lives

This feature doesn’t just keep you safe, but it also keeps the people on the street safe as well. The idea behind autonomous braking is that self-driving vehicles will be able to anticipate any possible collisions or accidents and brake in time.

Also, most of these braking systems are outfitted with pedestrian recognition software. This definitely goes beyond the basic concept of autonomous vehicles learning how to avoid oncoming cars. The software actually allows self-driving vehicles to come to a complete stop even at speeds of 31 mph if anybody gets in the way.

3. Autonomous vehicles will be able to keep a safe distance from one and the other

This is all achievable thanks to the reliable cruise control software. It feeds enough information into the car regarding the surrounding environment so that it will know what distance it needs to keep from other vehicles or objects in the environment.

This is also made possible with the use of a quality camera and radar. The vehicle will be able to see the road markings, and its steering assist software will help keep it in its appropriate lane, whether we are talking about urban traffic or driving on the highway. For those of you who still want to retain some control, you can opt for the lane departure packages instead.

This way, your vehicle will alert you whenever you depart from your lane, whether it’s because you don’t notice or if you’re too tired. Of course, if you ignore the alerts, the vehicle will apply the brakes. Not only this, but there is also the option for a more subtle assist software that uses electricity to subtly steer the driving wheel so that you don’t leave your lane. The sensitivity can also be adjusted, so that’s definitely a plus.

When it comes to safety, you can’t go wrong with self-driving technology

While some might still not trust it, you can’t argue against how many people find it so useful, especially when you consider how much people work nowadays and how tired they are when they drive home. The fact that autonomous driving technology can compensate for human errors is something that will actually save lives in the long run.

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Philipp Kandal