How Connected Cars Benefit Both You and Society

There has been quite a lot of debate in the recent months on the subject of whether connected cars would be something that would benefit people and society or not. There are many who oppose the idea of connected vehicles because they fear that technology will simply not be able to accommodate all their needs and ensure their safety.

However, connected car manufacturers keep showing us that these vehicles will not only be safe, but they will also provide us with plenty of advantages. Here is what you need to know about the impact connected vehicles will have on your life and on society as a whole:

1. Traffic congestion will no longer be such a huge problem

There is no denying that traffic congestion is a serious issue in today’s society, especially when it comes to busy highways. Connected cars can help us with this problem, since they can alleviate the traffic issue or even totally eliminate it.

It is no surprise that most traffic problems are generally caused by people. Instead of ensuring there is enough space between the vehicles, most drivers just cluster together and barely leave any space between the cars. It also has to do with the fact that most drivers don’t allow others to easily switch lanes and get in front of them. If they would do that, then the flow of traffic would be much smoother.

Connected cars will most likely solve this issue because they can be programmed to automatically leave enough space between them and other vehicles and allow other cars to switch lanes more easily.

2. Connected cars could lead to high-capacity highways

Once again, it’s all in the programming. As mentioned before, human drivers have to keep a certain distance between vehicles to ensure no accidents happen and that traffic flows smoothly. However, this will only cause vehicles to occupy more space on the highway.

Connected vehicles do not need to maintain such a huge distance between them and other connected cars because their programming and brake system allows them to take the necessary precautions to make sure everything is in order. The fact that connected vehicles will be able to exchange information between them will only result in better driving and improved capacity on the highway.

3. Connected cars can lower overall fuel consumption

This one is pretty obvious. If there will no longer be any serious traffic congestion to deal with, then it is most likely that plenty of fuel will be saved that way. Of course, it goes beyond that. The fact that connected vehicles will be able to communicate with each other means that each one of them will know what the other is planning on doing.

While it might sound weird, that type of vehicle communication can potentially lead to the extinction of driving styles that consume too much fuel, like having to constantly change gears. This is because connected cars would be able to maintain a constant speed and only slow down or come to a complete stop when needed to.

4. Connected vehicle technology can actually make people more productive

By not having to constantly focus on the road and put all your energy into driving, you will be able to do other things, like reviewing a work project. Anything would be better than just sitting and driving.

This can actually result in people being happier and more relaxed when they get to work, something that can help them become more productive during work days.

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Philipp Kandal