Zubie, a Connected Car Company, Introduces an API for the Internet of Cars

Zubie is a company that sells a device which allows you to connect your car to your smartphone. The device is basically a key that you plug in under your car’s dashboard and it will keep it constantly connected to the cloud.

This connected car company uses a wireless connection, GPS and sensors that will monitor the car’s health, even when it’s parked.

The Zubie app will keep you up-to-date even if you’re miles away. It works on every device, from desktop computers to smartphone devices.

The advantages of using Zubie

Zubie is that device that is right for everyone. You can keep track of your bad driving behavior and, as you go along, the device will also give you practical advice on how to improve your driving. This is pretty nice, especially for people who are beginners. Also, it’s good for parents who want to see how their teen is driving.

Any problems that your car might have with the engine, battery or whether or not it’s low on fuel, you will be aware of because you will receive notifications.

With Zubie, users can connect with the members of their family when they depart from a certain location. It will definitely prove to be useful on many occasions.

Zubie created a Great API platform

ZinC is an API platform which is going to help developers and engineers build apps for Zubie’s connected car platform.

Developers who will use Zubie’s API will have access to information about cars, such as location, trip activity, vehicle diagnosis or driving data. Small businesses can use these information to improve their products and their services as well.

Zubie believes in the fact that real-time data is important for people who want to have a connected lifestyle.

ZinC is an opportunity for developers to come up with connected car solutions

There are numerous apps that developers can design with the help of ZinC. One developer may want to focus on creating an app that will improve the fuel economy of someone’s car and offer some rewards in exchange for driving with minimum fuel consumption. Any sort of app that will improve the connected life is welcomed in this equation, or any app which will have the functionality of helping our driving behavior or pattern.

Apps can even target businesses, especially those that have to deal with fleet management, those that need to integrate data such as expenses or billings or even for ridesharing businesses.

Right from its launch, hundreds of developers and partners have already showed interest in the API and they want to use it for their applications.

Openbay, a platform for online service appointments, and Urgent.ly, a provider of road assistance, are just a couple of familiar names out of the hundreds.

Trying not to be ordinary

Zubie is not the only connected car platform in the world. There are many others like it that have the same type of device that you plug into your car’s dashboard and then, just like magic, you can see all the data about your car on your phone.

In the last few years, some of these companies decided that it’s a good idea for them to serve as a platform for third-party apps.

Actually, just recently, Zubie has partnered with Autonation which is the the largest retailer of new passenger vehicles in the US. That way, dealerships will receive real-time insights and information about their customers’ cars.

Zubie’s API platform is a step towards expanding developers’ possibilities of creating useful apps and methods of integration. This means that soon we’ll be seeing more and more companies that take advantage of the connection between consumers’ phones and their cars.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Zubie is going to approach the market now that they have an API? Feel free to share any thoughts you might have on the subject in the comment section.

Philipp Kandal