Review: What’s smart about the Acura RLX 2015 model?

You’re looking for a car that is luxurious, has power, comfort, and amazing features? You might have just found it.

The new Acura RLX model is close enough to a connected car, as it has plenty of features that make it a car to dream about.

Wondering what awesome features it has? Keep on reading to find out more.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow

This is such a cool feature, especially when the traffic is light, or even on a highway drive. If you want to focus on other things while you’re in the car, like preparing for the speech you’re going to give one more time, the system is going to allow you to do that.

Here is how it works. The system will let you set the desired speed (between 20 and 95 mph), you will have to select a short, a medium, or a long interval between you and the car that’s in front of you.

The ACC system is able to identify whether the car ahead of you is slowing down, or stopping, and is able to maintain the interval you set beforehand.

Integrated SMS feature

The Acura RLX created this system so that it gets rid of one of the many distractions for drivers, probably one that is the cause of so many accidents these days: our phone. For now, this system is compatible only with certain Blackberry phones, but it will expand its range really soon.

When you receive a text message, the SMS system will ask you if you want it to read the text to you, so that you don’t get distracted. I think that this is a great option because if you know that you’re a person who gets distracted easily, even from listening to something, then you can simply deny, and read or listen to the text later, when you’re safely parked.

But if you want to hear the message, then you will have the option to send back a pre-prepared response out of 6, or call the person who texted you.

Warning systems

Warning systems are so important when it comes to your in-car safety, especially when you consider that getting distracted even for a few seconds is dangerous. The Acura RLX has two warning systems.

Thanks to a camera that is mounted between the windshield and the rearview mirror, the car will alert the driver with a beep that the car left the detected lane. The second warning system, warns the driver when he is close to hitting a car that’s in front of him, both with visual and audible signals.

Lane keeping assist system

Even though it’s slightly similar to the warning system above, this one takes more control over the situation. If the system has already detected a lane, and you decide to guide the car out of the lane, then the system will tug the car slowly, ensuring that you’re in the center of the road again.

However, the system will not take full control away from you. You will still be able to steer the wheel in any direction you want.

AcuraLink The Next Generation

Thanks to the new and improved AcuraLink that is integrated in the Acura RLX, you can now monitor the airbag status, GPS location, collision sensor activity, roadside assistance, or you can even lock and unlock it using your smartphone. In addition, if the car gets stolen, you can track its precise location.

Another cool feature is one that tells you where there’s traffic before you get on the road, meaning you’re able to see areas to avoid. This can help you a lot, especially if you have an alternate route you can take.

Acura RLX – smart and elegant

These are all the smart features integrated in the new Acura RLX model.

Would you have liked to see some extra features, or do you think it’s smart enough? In my opinion, the features it has are very similar to the ones that a connected car has.

Let me know down in the comments what you think about this Acura vehicle.

Roberto De Simone