January 2015 month in the review: news from the connected cars world

Is January over? Time DOES fly fast! We’re already at the beginning of February, so this means it’s time for another month in the review of what happened in the connected cars world.

January can be a hectic month. You are barely recovered from the holidays, and it takes you a while until you get back on track with your work. If you didn’t have the time to browse through the latest news about connected cars, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading to find out what you missed this past month.

Luxury in motion – brought to you by Mercedes


Remember those cartoons where there would be those futuristic-looking cars that instantly made you think about space? Well, it seems that Mercedes really made that car possible.

The interior of the F015 Luxury in Motion is like no other connected car out there. In this car, you will be able to face the other passengers, chat with them, play some cards, and, in short, do whatever you want. Plus, the seats don’t look like normal car seats. They remind me of some kind of space shuttle.

Basically, the entire design of the car is made so that is gives you this sci-fi feel.

We won’t be seeing this Mercedes car on the roads anytime soon, since this is only a concept, but if we do see it someday, this is definitely how I picture it looking like.

Uber wants to have self-driving cars

At the beginning of February, Uber announced that it has created the Uber Advanced Technologies Center, which is located in Pittsburgh.

Uber already has some projects in mind, such as researching and designing self-driving cars and building safety technologies that will help in the development of the connected cars world.

Uber is probably a little late to the party, but we’ll see what they manage to come up with at this technology center.

Germany starts testing self-driving cars

Good news, fellow German readers! The Germany government wants to create a test field on the A9 Autobahn in Bavaria for testing autonomous vehicles. Truth is, it’s not enough to just have the cars and the technology. The infrastructure needs to be equipped so that allows cars to communicate with each other.

This project, called “Digitales Testfeld Autobahn,” is going to start this year.

Alexander Dobrindt, Germany’s transport minister, said that they don’t want to rely on Googletechnology in this process. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

CES 2015, the highlight of January

I already covered the topic of what happened at CES and that the connected car was at center stage.

Because it is the biggest event in the tech industry, I believe that this tells us a lot about what’s going to be trending this year. From infotainment systems, to protecting consumers’ data, to making sure the infrastructure allows the cars to communicate with each other – all of these topics were covered at CES.

Connected cars world – get ready

New year, new beginnings. 2015 will definitely be a promising year for the connected cars world.

Stay tuned, and come back for more fresh news from this industry. Did I miss any important news this past month?

Philipp Kandal