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Mobility of the future

I believe we are on the verge of a massive revolution in transportation that will equal in scale the introduction of the personal computer or the smartphone - and this revolution is going to happen in the next decade. The Revolution in Mobility will not only impact transportation as we know it but shape cities and how we live in the future in the same way that the introduction of the car or railroads originally shaped our lives.

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Cyanogen – A New Player on the Self-Driving Technology Scene

If you’re interested in devices and apps, you’ve certainly heard of Cyanogen. It’s one of the famous for Android ROMs. But it seems their company interests have changed. They are focusing on self-driving technology now. Why is Cyanogen know? Let’s give you a little background info in case you don’t know it. Android is an open source operating system. That means it can be modified and customized as much as the developer wants.

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