With Voyomotive Tech, Any Vehicle Can Become a Connected Car

One of the most commonsensical claims nowadays is that technology makes life easier and more entertaining. And it strives to make it even more effortless.

Take smart homes and devices into account, for instance. The connected car – which is no longer a foreign concept for most drivers out there – is yet another example.

But what if your older vehicle is not compatible with such technology? Are there any options so that you can still benefit from all this technological advancement?

The answer has already been found in the Voyo headquarters by the Voyomotive engineers. Read on to find out what is it all about.

A Few Words about Voyomotive

It all starts with understanding what exactly drove CEO Peter Yorke to start creating the Voyomotive technology.

He was looking for a way to reduce the fuel’s energy being lost in the internal combustion engine.

This is when it occurred to him that an onboard diagnostics port controller could fix driving behaviors which hinder fuel savings.

The OB-II is where your mechanic plugs a diagnostics device to search for breaches in your car’s system.

Voyomotive provides you the opportunity to be your own mechanic, of sorts.

This automotive IoT (Internet of Things) solution was then molded into a device that makes almost any post-1996 manufactured car a connected vehicle. Peter launched a Kickstarter campaign, and this is how the product came to market.

VOYO – a Small Device That Connects Cars to Clouds

Earlier, I mentioned the one feature Peter aimed to facilitate. But Voyo has since developed a plethora of other connected car facilities to go with it.

Size-wise, the VOYO is really small and takes two minutes to plug into the OB-II port underneath your car’s dashboard.

Essentially, a VOYO controller connects both with the computer system and the relay panel of your car. Once you link these two systems, you are able to turn your car on and off.

As soon as you connect the VOYO controller, you can start using the app to take control of your car for additional safety and efficiency.

Voyomotive relays are necessary for connecting the VOYO to your car. They are separate devices that offer extra vehicle security and fuel savings. You just have to replace the one-two standard relay in your car fuse box.

How Does the Voyo App Turn a Vehicle into a Fuel-Efficient Connected Car?

To answer this, let’s tap into how its connected car technology works.

According to Harald Ekman, Voyomotive CFO, the VOYO controller is able to read up to 100 times more data than similar devices.

This data is further sent to the app on your phone and thus to the Voyomotive Cloud.

From there, your data is linked to other traffic data available on the cloud.

And you’ll be able to enjoy Voyo app’s standard features:

  • Dashboard – displays a connected vehicle network
  • Driving log – displays information on routes, fuel or CO2 levels per drive
  • Driving hazards alert
  • Speed alerts
  • Door lock/unlock
  • Security

If you decide to switch to the Premium Pack, you’ll get the following services:

  • Advanced diagnostics – offers service center car diagnostics
  • AutoKey – hands-free lock/unlock feature activated by proximity of a configured phone
  • AutoTrunk – unlocks the trunk once you approach your car
  • Immobilizer Clock – sets periods wherein the engine is immobilized
  • AutoStop – shutdown on intersection times

One of the most exciting aspects about Voyomotive is the new EcoStart. It is essentially a start/stop technology that manages the idling times of your vehicle.

With this feature, drivers are able to control shutting off the engine only from the foot brake. This is to reduce how much fuel drivers waste in traffic.


VOYO is designed to fit several models of vehicles. You can check if your car is among them here.

Promoted as “the most advanced connected car technology”, what it helps you create is an after-market connected vehicle.

All for $100. This is significantly less than what you would have to pay for a ready-made automated vehicle. For a total of $200, you also get the two Voyomotive relays for increased facilities.

For now, the VOYO pack can be purchased on pre-order.

Would you be interested in buying one? And what do you think are its main drawbacks? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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Philipp Kandal