The Skully Helmet: ETS semi-finalist and soon to be on the market

Technology evolves continuously. If we are looking at past years and thinking about the way cars, computers and even phones used to be, we cannot cease to stare in amazement. Everything is changing, but there are still some things missing. Well, not for long, as Skully helmet was missing from our lives.

It’s ironic that scientists tried to improve life expectancy by creating new gadgets and prototypes that can warn us if something changes in our immune system. And that they improved car safety (do not get me wrong, I am more than delighted about this fact), but they forgot about the two-wheel adrenaline junkies: the motorcyclists.

What is the Skully helmet? A very short definition

The essential thing that makes Skully so great is that it eliminates blind spots. It sports a 180 degree rear view camera with a fisheye lens that projects revamped, dewarped images of what’s happening behind you onto a cube at the front of the helmet. There is much more information displayed, and the cube is transparent so it does not impair your front vision while providing dashboard-like data. If you want to read more technical information about the Skully helmet, please access this link.

It was created by necessity, when Marcus Weller, CEO and founder of Skully, experienced a motorcycle accident while trying to read a sign. Fortunately, he was alright, but thinking about it, how many youngsters may have lost their lives because of the lack of technology from helmets? Thankfully, there are no worries now.

Skully at CES 2015: Extreme Tech Semi-Finalist

During the CES Innovation Awards 2015 (the annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products), in addition to the exhibit, another peripheral event took place called Extreme Tech Challenge. The idea of this contest, if we can call it one, is to help companies with the exposure, database infrastructure & mentorship that they will need to be the next million dollar “thing”.

In order to apply for this and have a good chance of entering it, you need a team with the right vision, passion and set of abilities. It is highly recommended that the team have worked together in the past.

The event is organized by Sir Richard Branson and it’s hosted on Necker Island. To apply there, you have to pitch your idea in front of the audience and a panel of judges. There were 10 semi-finalists, in which we can mention Skully helmet. Unfortunately, they weren’t chosen among the top 3 finalists, but they still won the Overall Extreme Tech Challenge award.

Soon: Skully will start manufacturing the AR-1

After closing one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the history of the Internet, Skully raised $11 million in Series A equity in a round led by Walden Riverwood Ventures and Intel Capital into production.

A portion of the money will go towards funding the manufacturing of the first smart Skully helmet, the AR-1. The item is not yet on the market, but maybe the roads will become a safer place for two-wheel adrenaline junkies or just fans.

Philipp Kandal