NEXT Makes Smart Transportation A Reality

When you think of the future of transportation you probably don’t imagine it being linked with smartphones. However, according to NEXT, this is exactly what we can expect by 2020. It’s no surprise that you probably never heard of them, since they are relatively new on the market. However, this doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t great. They plan on developing a smart transportation system that is based on swarms of self-driving transport modules. This might seem familiar to recent developments, but it’s far more superior. NEXT transportation modules will be able to easily join up with or detach from other modules on any standard city road.

Moreover, when two modules join together, they actually open up their interiors, creating a larger space for passengers to move about from one module to the other. Also, NEXT plans on adding individual modules that offer certain services, like coffee or food, that can easily join up with the transport module you are currently in. All it takes is to access the app through your phone.

And it doesn’t just stop with convenience and comfort. This type of transportation is actually more optimal, since it saves a lot of space. A simple transport module might be only 8,8 feet (2,7 meters) in length, but a total of 10 people can fit inside it (6 seated and 4 standing). Plus, the module itself won’t take up a lot of space on the road, meaning there won’t be any more traffic jams caused by large buses.

This smart transportation system will definitely be safer than its standard counterparts, since there won’t be any place for human error. Take buses for example. In Pennsylvania alone, over the last several years, there have been numerous bus accidents which resulted in serious injuries and even some casualties.

Moreover, the travel experience can also be customized. If you need privacy for any work-related activities, then you’ll have it. You’ll be able to hold a meeting or get some work done on your way to your job.

If you are having trouble believing that mobile technology and transportation systems will be linked in the near future, then don’t forget that the use of mobile devices is on the rise and it’s only expected to continue rising as the years go by.

This technology might seem far-fetched, but it’s actually closer to being developed than it has ever been before. Maybe you don’t see the idea of a smart transportation system being a great investment right now, but you need to fully understand what it has to offer.

NEXT Will Make Everything More Convenient

While the idea of a smart transportation system might seem inconvenient and too time-consuming at first glance, you need to take some time and see what levels of comfort it has to offer:

  • First of all, NEXT will have an app developed for their transportation system. All you’ll have to do is use the app to insert your current position, your desired destination and call up one of their vehicles. You won’t have to wait too long, since their autonomous driving design will allow them to calculate the fastest route.
  • NEXT transportation will be a more eco-friendly option than most of today’s green transport alternatives. This is because it will reduce the traffic footprint and ensure low consumption rates. It achieves this thanks to its autonomous driving design which allows the vehicles to redistribute passengers as they join other transport modules.
  • This type of transportation will be accessible to everyone, including the elderly and the physically disabled.
  • Comfort will be just a few taps away, since you’ll have access to module services (bar, shop, restaurant, toilet etc.) directly through your phone. You just call up the module service you want and it will immediately join up with the one you are in. Keep in mind this happens while the modules are in motion, meaning you or any other passengers won’t have to deal with any stops.

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Philipp Kandal