FleetGo Makes Any Car a Connected Car

With the varied levels of the socioeconomic status across the globe, it naturally makes sense to find a way to cater to as many consumers as possible. While the connected car mainly caters to the affluent right now, FleetGo is making it possible for many people to afford one.

FleetGo originates from the INmatix Technology Group which is an international tech company who specializes in the telemetric field. Right now, they’re located in the Netherlands and Germany where they’ve provided ingenious solutions for well known brands such at RitAssist and TachoTrack.

But they wanted to find a way to use their INmatix platform to launch a user-friendly, cost-efficient product that allows any car to be a connected car. Their other goal is to make it as easy as possible for those whom aren’t tech savvy. They’ve designed the product for individual or business use.

Data Versus Information Overload

Information plays such a vital role in daily interactions. However, sometimes copious amounts of information lead to overload and misinterpretation. FleetGo developers made it so that they collect the information and then present it in useful ways. With the innovation of advanced computer technology in the connected car, FleetGo will collect the data on the car and relay it so that it makes sense to the everyday user.

However, they didn’t stop here. There are other benefits of the product that match the benefits of high-end connect car owners.

FleetGo Features for the Connected Car

The idea is to make work, travel, leisure entertainment and car maintenance not only possible, but convenient for all users with carefully designed features that satisfy all needs. Here are some of the features included in FleetGo:

Plug & Play: This is what enables you to easily change vehicles or add a temporary vehicle. The OBD Dongle allows you to simply plug it in and begin using it. No need for a mechanic or skilled technical knowledge.

Triplog: With this feature you can keep accurate data on every trip, route and address. The OBD Dongle is able to track and store this information wth 100% accuracy.

GPS Tracking: This makes trip planning easier with real-time insights on the current location, status, road construction, detours and other details to enable more efficient planning.

Geofencing: Geofencing sets a digital fence as a parameter so you can limit a zone or location. In addition, you can then set notifications to alert you of the specifics you’ve set.

Working/Driving Hours: This tracks your work and travel time for employers. This way, you can provide proof of how much time was spent where and when. You can also send invoices and requests for payment quickly and easily.

Points of Interest: This allows the user to manage locations, addresses and other points of interest. You’ll even be able to print reports on visits with their time and duration so that, later on, you’ll know how much time to bill a client for.

Driving points: This software will make everything easier for you by allowing you to compare vehicles and driving styles. This way, you can reward the best drivers, while at the same time motivating the less skilled ones. This means you won’t have to worry about losing any money.

Prompt error notifications: This system will notify the drivers of any possible engine failures. Thus, it actually saves you money because it allows you to make any critical repairs in a timely manner, keeping the vehicle in good shape.


The product costs €199.00 per year, comes with fraud protection, green driving and the free Triplog App that enables you to track, analyze and print information. Choose to export the data in PDF, Excel and/or XML formats. FleetGo is an affordable option for making any car a connected car.

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Philipp Kandal