Extreme Fliers Are Camera Micro Drones the Size of Your Fist

We all know what drones are. Most of us like them, but there still are some people who are very skeptical about them and view them as an annoyance. Well, that is about to change thanks to the appearance of micro drones.

This year’s CES had a variety of drone designsbut the one that seemed the most interesting was Extreme Fliers and their Micro Drone 3.0. This is because the idea of well-designed micro drones on the market is a huge appeal for most consumers.

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time until something like this would have appeared. It’s only natural that hardware will always find a way to become smaller over time. But will this have any effect on how consumers view drones in general?

Well, there have been a couple of micro drones on the market which people have tested, but Extreme Fliers seem to have got everybody’s attention with their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, since they did manage to raise over $3 million.

So, do these micro drones stand to have a better chance on the market? What kind of benefits do they have to offer?

Why Extreme Fliers’ micro drones will most likely be a hit with consumers

Like I already said, most drones are popular on the market, but there are still people who don’t really enjoy them. Even the Federal Aviation Administration has decided that standard drones could cause issues, which is why they have requested that drone owners take the time to register them.

Fortunately for those who decide to invest in Extreme Fliers’ drones, this won’t be an issue. Thing is, drones that weigh less than 250 grams/0.5 pounds are not a problem as far as the Federal Aviation Administration is concerned, so you won’t have to register micro drones.

So there’s no denying that the small size will be seen as a welcomed advantage, since it will actually give consumers more freedom, since they won’t have to deal with all sorts of regulations.

Of course, the benefits don’t stop here. These are just some other positive aspects you need to keep in mind about Extreme Fliers’ micro drones:

  • They are easier to use – Even though it’s been stated that these micro drones will allow the users to perform amazing movements, the learning curve is still pretty fair. Most people who have used them at CES 2016 have reported that they are easy to handle and the controls are user-friendly.
  • They are rather cheap – What most consumers did not enjoy about drones in general was the rather steep price. Most of them ranged up to $500, which is definitely a lot, especially when you consider there is a chance to crash the drone. However, these micro drones are not only easier to use, but they are also more cost-efficient, since their price is around $175.
  • They are simply more convenient – No longer will you have to lug around a large case with you whenever you want to fly your drone outside. Moreover, as it was demonstrated at CES 2016, these micro drones can also be flown inside, no matter how crowded it is. There’s no denying that at least event planners will get to make use of this interesting feature.
  • Plus, the video that is streamed is high-definition, so low frame rates and bad quality won’t be something you’ll have to worry about.

    The only concern people have about micro drones is the fact that, due to their size, they can easily be lost track of when you fly them around. However, I’m sure Extreme Fliers will come up with some sort of tracking system that will solve this.

    I’m excited to see how far Extreme Fliers can take this technology

    I have no doubt that these micro drones will be a real hit with consumers once they become more widely available. However, I am also interested in hearing what you think about this. I’d be more than happy to hear other opinions as well, especially if they can highlight any negative aspects.

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Philipp Kandal