Driverless Cars Might Significantly Reduce Emissions

There is no denying that today’s society is getting more and more eco-friendly as time passes. Of course, this definitely comes as good news for everyone because it will lead to an improved quality of life. However, it also comes as great news for the manufacturers of driverless cars.

Why? Well, according to a recent study, driverless vehicles have the potential to not only improve our life when it comes to comfort, but to also save the environment. This is because greenhouse gas emissions can actually be significantly reduced in the long run if plenty of driverless cars make their way to the auto market, since most of the gas-powered vehicles would end up being replaced.

What makes greenhouse gas emissions so bad? Well, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about them:

  • First of all, they pose a danger for our health. It’s no secret that these emissions can seriously impact the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise. Keep in mind that intense heat cannot only cause complications like heat strokes and cramps, but it also provides a nurturing environment for various dangerous types of mold and diseases.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions have the potential to negatively impact the weather in the long run, causing water resources to disappear in desert-like areas and severe flooding in other areas. Luckily for us, driverless cars are becoming a reality so they might actually help prevent this from happening.
  • Moreover, emissions will also cause energy productivity issues in the long run, since more and more energy will have to be allocated to various air conditioning and cooling systems.
  • Also, temperatures that are too high will mean that farmers will no longer be able to grow certain types of crops and breed certain species of livestock.

Now, the researchers cited in the study were indeed talking about driverless taxis, not driverless cars. However, it’s worth noting that this idea would only be a starting point, with more and more eco-friendly and energy-efficient driverless vehicles coming out on the market in the long run.

But what about the financial aspect?

It’s no secret that the new driverless vehicles that will come out in a few years are going to cost a lot, at least initially. This generally happens when anything new and revolutionary that comes out on the market, so it’s not a shock. Of course, after a couple of years, the prices will start to be more affordable so that pretty much anybody could afford driverless cars.

This is why the researchers are advocating for the use of driverless taxis as well. It might not be nice for some people, since the taxi industry will definitely take a hit, but you can’t make any progress if you start considering all these troubling aspects. They argue that it actually would not take a very large number of self-driving vehicles to serve a segment of the population. Apparently, the success of such an operation only depends on the scheduling, since it has to be done right.

So, driverless cars cannot only make our lives more comfortable and potentially save the environment, but they also have a starting plan now. If it were to be implemented, it would surely be successful, as long as every little detail was thought out.

How would limitations be handled?

At the moment, driverless cars might be a reality, but they still have their fair share of obstacles to deal with, especially when it comes to parking and mileage. While it is true that such issues will eventually be fixed over the years, it is also important to consider that the so-called “fleet” of driverless vehicles idea proposed by the researchers would not face such issues.

This is because they will be able to compensate for any problem due to their numbers. For instance, if a driverless vehicle is low on battery, then it can just return to the main station while, at the same time, it is immediately replaced by another vehicle. Of course, the driverless cars themselves would be equipped with various accessories, depending on the people who use them.

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Philipp Kandal