Can your car be turned into a connected car?

The Network of Moving Things

I’m sure this is no news to you. Also known as the Internet of Things, this is more of a sci-fi project of a world populated by connected cars. In the Internet of Things, which is under development, V2V communication is essential.

Turning your car into a connected one is now not only a dream, but the prerequisite of entering the world of the future, and more and more that of the present. In the Network of Moving Things vehicles must communicate to vehicles and interact with the motorway.

The first step in this direction is connecting vehicles to other devices and reaching world connectivity by being equipped with Wi-Fi and using 3G and 4G data connections. This way V2V connectivity is enabled. Also, the passenger can use the Internet.

Turning your vehicle into a connected car
While some people might go straight to purchasing the ultimate vehicle in the connected cars industry, some may love that car which they own, and wonder how they could turn it into a connected vehicle.

You can now benefit of a ride into the future, by using smart apps, accessories, devices and entertainment systems.

Is it possible?

The answer is yes, because the first thing to be tackled is connectivity. 

According to Cambridge News this is no longer a problem. CSR has launched a chipset, CSR 1010 Auto, which enables the connection between various parts of your vehicle and your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It seems this is all it takes to have your personal connected car.

This has started around the idea of diagnosing your car’s problems. Not only will this help you tackle problems more easily, but your car also turns connected.

Does it work like a connected car?
With only a touch of a button you are able to get updates on the state of your vehicle’s tyres, the fuel efficiency of the engine, or control the car’s audio and infotainment system.

This is all a possibility now because the CSR offers an unlimited number of chips that can be connected together and controlled by one device.

Basically, all you need is Bluetooth connectivity and a smart device. Anthony Murray, the senior vice resident at the business group at CSR, is really appreciative of the connected cars ecosystem, stating that they already have clients, which use the CSR1010 for many applications, such as a keyless entry.

They have in view integrating connected vehicles into the Internet of Things, as the sensors of these chips will inform cars of the surrounding conditions. The future belongs to the driverless car, or of the car able to perform automatic braking, acceleration or steering, even if not fully independently.

What other “driving assistants” are there?
Now I want to give you a rough description of some of the devices, apps and any kinds of “driving assistants” out there that could turn any car into a connected one.

Automatic is a great device , which plugs right into the data port underneath your dashboard. It communicates wirelessly with your smartphone via an app and can monitor engine performance, gas efficiency and can even contact emergency services.

Navdy will only be available in 2015, but you can pre-order it now. It’s a portable device and it acts like the touchscreens in the connected cars on the market. You place it on your dashboard and it projects a display screen in your field of view. So, you can check maps, play music, perform the same activities you’d probably be doing on your smartphone. It’s even better than a touchscreen, because it is controlled by voice commands and simple hand gestures. This way you won’t regret not buying a very expensive connected car.

For adding that extra touch to incar entertainment you can choose between a variety of apps on the market. You can get Parrot Asteroid SMART Digital Media Receiver for Android. You can basically stream music, watch videos, connect to Wi-Fi and so. Also,Sony’s Smartphone-Connected Receiver works in the same way, only it’s for smartphones and iPhones. Last but not least, the Philips Car Entertainment System has a built-in USB port, so you can instantly access your own music and movie files.

This is all when it comes to turning your vehicle into a connected one. Would you try it out?

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Philipp Kandal