AT&T Gives Life to the New Connected Jaguar Land Rover

Both automakers and traditional tech companies are racing to blend mobility and functionality into an autonomous vehicle that does it all. The connected Jaguar Land Rover is one of the latest attempts to win the battle over connected cars.

AT&T has made another step on their journey towards connecting every car on the road by adding yet another vehicle to its fleet. The nation’s second-largest wireless carrier has announced this month that it began offering a wireless connection to Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models as part of a new multi-year agreement.

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The Buzz About The Connected Jaguar

AT&T adding a new vehicle to its list of connected cars is definitely exciting news. The company’s new partnership with car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is one the latest developments in the industry, and I think it deserves some attention.

The new connected Jaguar will have some of the features offered on most connected car deals. AT&T connectivity will power InControl apps meant to enhance functionality and overall driving experience. The company will supply cellular connection to power the Land Rover’s navigation and infotainment features, as well as provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for its vehicles. All the passengers in the car carrying smartphones or tablets will be able to connect to that hotspot which should mean less noise coming from the back seat.

One of the questions on everybody’s lips is how much will all of this cost? AT&T customers who own a connected Jaguar or Land Lover can pay an additional fee of $10 a month to add their car to a Mobile Share Value plan and share data among phones, tablets and vehicles. You can also pay $5 a day and get 250 megabytes of data or you can sign up for a 12 month, 10 gigabyte plan that will set you back $199 a year.

During this year’s CTIA Super Mobility event in Las Vegas, AT&T also announced it was working on a safety feature for drivers and passengers as part of its Digital Life platform. AT&T Head of Mobility Glenn Lurie talked about a personal app that could offer life-saving support on the road. The app will allow customers to signal emergencies by connecting to a Digital Life security-monitoring center able to dispatch emergency services.

Users will also be able to set up a timer that will trigger an alert, a feature that might offer you some mental comfort when walking through a creepy parking lot at night.  AT&T customers can sign up for a free trial starting November.

AT&T’s Previous Experience with Connected Cars

AT&T is not new to the connected cars arena. In fact, connected cars have been a huge component of AT&T’s wireless strategy. In the second quarter of 2015, the company added 1.4 million connected devices out of which nearly 1 million were connected cars. AT&T launched two major projects back in 2014 related to connected car technology: The AT&T Drive Studio, a connected car innovation center in Atlanta, and AT&T Drive, a global automotive solution and development platform.

AT&T Drive Studio is a 5,000-square-foot working laboratory where the company’s researchers, designers and engineers develop and test new connected car technology which they hope will be the future of smart vehicles.

Eager to Know More about Connected Cars?

More and more car companies are taking an interest in the opportunities offered by technology. The connected car industry is constantly developing, so it’s easy to miss out on important things that are going on.

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Philipp Kandal